Our Unique Approach

MJF Financial Consultants Ltd. has a tried and true methodology that has enabled us to keep a very happy client base:
  1. We analyze your long and short term investment objectives
  2. We define your investment policies
  3. We determine your ideal asset mix
  4. We closely monitor and balance your assets
  5. We regularly review your portfolio, and supplement it with in-person meetings.
  6. We strive to minimize taxes wherever income is being earned or arising out of capital gains.

We are in constant communication with the various markets and market leaders to provide our clients with the most current information. These processes are key to determining the right strategy for you.

We serve and maintain all clients with integrity, trust and competent advice as it pertains to their financial well-being, without compromise.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your financial goals and improve your bottom line.